Ancillary Services

To foster positive social engagement and connectedness the Chambers Foundation offers a continuum of services provided both in-house and within the broader community. These ancillary services are provided to those enrolled in both our residential and day treatment programs.

Workforce Development

Age appropriate career and technical education is provided to all of our clients based on his/her specific area of interest. Through well managed partnerships with local businesses and community organizations we currently offer training in Culinary Arts, Microsoft Applications, Building and Landscaping and a Barbering Initiative.

Leadership Development

All clients  participate in weekly character building life skills and leadership workshops to promote social development, civic responsibility and provide them with the tools necessary to identify and address issues that affect them within their homes, schools and communities.

Recreation and Incentives

Clients receive merit-based incentives and participate in regular recreational exercises to promote bonding and positive peer/staff engagement.  These extracurricular activities include trips to amusement parks, sporting events, movies, shopping trips, off-campus dining experiences etc..