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The Chambers Foundation Brochure

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Founded in 2009, Acollective Consulting LLC “aka” the Chambers Foundation is a community based youth serving organization headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania;  established to serve the social, emotional, and cognitive development needs of disenfranchised youth ages 12-21. The vision of which is to promote  healthy relationships, self-actualization, resilience and social responsibility among at-risk youth who have been adversely impacted by trauma such as violence, physical, emotional, substance and sexual abuse. Thus, the Chambers Foundation works to achieve this vision through the provision of residential housing, trauma informed care and  positive youth development practices that equip youth and families with the skills and social supportive constructs to overcome barriers.

In 2015, the Chambers Foundation discovered the need to expand its scope of services by establishing a residential treatment facility as a home for adjudicated delinquent and dependent youth. The program assists youth and families with eradicating barriers to reunification while offering our residents a healthy home-like setting where they can work with staff members to develop positive relationships, receive academic, behavioral and emotional support and become adequately equipped for adulthood.