Acollective Consulting LLC “aka” the Chambers Foundation

“Promoting healthy relationships, self-actualization, resilience and social responsibility among at-risk youth who have been adversely impacted by trauma.” Learn more about...

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Five Basic Behavioral Norms

The Five Basic Behavioral Norms:
The Foundation Of The Chambers Foundation

1. No one has the right to hurt another person.

2. Education and the classroom are sacred.

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Treatment Program

Our residential program was established to assist both youth and their families with eradicating barriers to reunification while offering our residents a safe, healthy home-like setting where they can work with staff members to develop positive peer and adult relationships, receive academic, behavioral and emotional support and become adequately equipped for adulthood.

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Ancillary Services

To foster positive social engagement and connectedness the Chambers Foundation offers a continuum of services provided both in-house and within the broader community. These ancillary services are provided to those enrolled in both our residential and day treatment programs.

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